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Are you looking for the best video
distribution to the extreme sports market?

We promote you through a wide variety of marketing methods including:

  • Our nationwide catalog
  • Promotional flyers
  • Direct contact with sports shops
  • Nationwide press releases
  • Magazine reviews
  • Trade shows
  • Our popular sampler reel
  • Advertising and more

We love getting finished product which puts you in control because we purchase off of purchase orders - not royalty reports. This means more income for you!


If you have a DVD you would like Impact Distributing to consider for distribution, please send the following to:

Impact Distributing
c/o Docy Andrews
27071 Cabot Road, Suite 118
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Please include the following information:

    1. Production Company name and address
    2. Contact name
    3. Phone, Fax and email address
    4. Type of video with a short description
    5. Pricing (if known)
    6. Length (if known)
    7. Explicit Material or language?
    8. Estimated release date
    9. Rating (General audiences PG13, or R)
    10. Full Length copy if available
    11. Front sleeve art work on CD in 300 dpi – photoshop or jpg
    12. One 3 minute teaser straight time to DVD and one in Quicktime format

To get the full marketing potential from Impact, it is best to have the artwork, teaser and description to Impact three (3) months prior to the release date. Catalog artwork deadlines are July 15th for the holiday catalog and December 15th for the annual catalog.

To get the full marketing potential from Impact, it is best to have the artwork, teaser and description to Impact three (3) months prior to the release date.



The following are the most frequently asked questions by producers:

1. How do we get started?

Submit your title for review. Once it has been reviewed, you will be
notified by email or phone. (If you have not heard anything after 2 weeks, please feel free to give us a call at 949-460-9496 and ask for Docy. Please allow 2 weeks before calling).

2. How do you order?

Once your program is accepted and the pricing has been worked out we will send you the appropriate contract with all the pertinent information. You sign the contract and fax back. We will also need 300 dpi image of the front sleeve cover, a brief description and a 1-3 minute teaser on DVD in quicktime compressed for the website.

Compressed Quicktime Specs are:

  • Format: Quicktime hinted streaming, .mov
  • Filesize: up to 5mb
  • Dimensions: 320 x 240 pixels

We also need an Uncompressed teaser needs to be either an .avi format or full quicktime 720 x 480 pixels and PLEASE DO NOT FTP THIS VERSION. Please send this one on disk here to our office.

Once we receive the contract and the marketing materials we will then send you a purchase order for a finished product and you confirm receipt of the P.O. via email. Once the product is shipped, you are then requested to email us the tracking number and send us the invoice. We pay Net 30 (thirty days from invoice date).

3. Do you ever do the replication?

On occasion, if it is your need, we will offer a royalty based program. We
will then arrange for the sleeve printing, duplication, insertion and shrinking of the product, based on your specific needs.

If not an option, we can give you recommendations of duplication and DVD authoring houses that are reasonably priced and provide good service.

4. What kind of price can we expect?

Most DVD’s retail for $19.95 or $24.95. The stores purchase them with a
40% margin, distribution price varies from 40% to 45% off the wholesale
price and based on quantities of finished goods purchased.

Royalties would be negotiated based on variables of Impact’s involvement.

5. What kind of quantities can we expect to sell over the next year?

This is the big question. Sales can range from 250 units to tens of
thousands, depending on genre’, content, production quality, promotion,
marketing and what consumers respond to.

6. How can I get licensed music for my program.

A. Go to local bands & get their music for promotional considerations.

B. Contact smaller record label companies and often they will give you good music for little or no cost.

C. Go to the larger label companies but expect to pay a fair amount.


7. What about International sales?

While Impact’s main focus is in the USA & Canada, Impact has distribution partners and/or contacts worldwide.

8. What about main stream sales to places like Best Buy?

A. While there is a potential for sales in these areas, that arena is still somewhat undeveloped and sales are inconsistent.

B. Most of the contracts out there put the producer at a major disadvantage. Impact is currently working with a couple of the main-stream distributors and putting together a program that protects the market and the producer.

C. If you do find yourself with a potential to get into this market, please be sure to read the fine print of any contract that you are offered.

D. Again, all music must be fully licensed.

E. UPC codes are required on the packaging

9. What about other distributors or doing my own sales?

A. If you have other or plan on pursuing other distributors, please let us know when we speak. If you do have alternative sources of distribution in the core market, please encourage price integrity of the established margins. However, Impact services the majority of motorsports shops and exclusivity is encouraged to take advantage of the full spectrum of sales and marketing Impact has to offer.

B. If you plan on contacting shops yourself, this is heavily discouraged unless it is a special circumstance. (i.e. sponsor) If you must engage in direct selling, you must maintain price integrity as to avoid direct competition with your own distributor. In most cases, you will not wish to engage in sales directly as it takes time away from producing and marketing and puts you in a position to give your “buddies” a good deal.

C. If you have shops you wish us to contact for you, just let us know.

10. Digital technology and opportunities

Impact is developing a wide range of digital affiliates for the future to
ensure maximum revenue and exposure with the strength of Impact Distributing as an established distributor behind each producer. Our main focus is to protect the core market and the producer, while building a strong
international distribution network and augment the producer’s revenue
potential through various emerging distribution channels and digital

Impact is the largest independent distributor of extreme motorsports videos and we have a passion for what we do. We are happy to consult with you on your upcoming project(s) and encourage your efforts. Once signed we support you in many ways other way. We promote you in our catalog, flyers, direct contact with sports shops, press releases, magazine reviews, our sampler reel, advertising, Youtube, My space, social networks and more. We are also the creators of The Impact Xtremey Awards, which focus on the producer’s creative excellence of the videos themselves, not just the talent in the videos. (Check out for more info.)

Impact works with their producers…a partnership of sorts. It is Impact’s responsibility as your distributor, to promote and get your video/DVD into the stores and generate interest and revenue for your title…It is your responsibility as a producer, to promote and make a video/DVD good enough that they will be ready to re-order when we call.

All in all, we welcome and encourage you to submit your project and consider Impact as your distributor. It is our continuing goal to be the #1 resource for extreme motorsports videos, and in the process of doing so, we strive to build strong long-term relationships with all our customers as well as all our producers.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your new title soon.

Docy Andrews, President




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